AssetWise Public Company Limited (“ASW” or “Company”) is a holding company that invests and acquires controlling stakes in other companies, hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Group”. The Group comprises ASW and 15 subsidiaries, 12 of which primarily engage in the business of residential real estate development, specifically condominium and low-rise development projects such as housing estates, townhomes, and home offices. The other three subsidiaries engage in other businesses relating to real estate development, such as real estate development for rent and real estate brokerage. Such comprehensive line of products and services, along with a plethora of amenities and facilities, are designed to fulfill the lifestyle needs of various customer groups under the concept of

“We Build Happiness”.

Products and Services of Core Business

Real Estate Development for Sale:

This business segment can be classified into two groups: condominium projects and low-rise projects.

1. Atmoz

a low-rise, eight-story condominium designed to embrace nature and resort-like ambience, featuring a large common garden that serves as an oasis of tranquility, offering escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

a condominium designed with an exquisite mix of modern and luxury elements, while providing convenience and quality living through smart technologies.

a low-rise, eight-story condominium set in a prime location with close proximity to leading educational institutions and universities, featuring extensive green spaces and multifunctional designs that accommodate the lifestyle of the new generation.

a low-rise, eight-story condominium designed to promote eco lifestyle and add green spaces to the heart of the city.

a low-rise, seven-story condominium that embodies the French architectural style with touches of golden-brown accents to project a luxurious and cozy ambience.

a low-rise, eight-story condominium showcasing the perfect combination of the contemporary English brickwork pattern and the prevailing color palette of gold and pearl white that creates a serene yet luxurious ambience.

Low-rise Projects consist of both single-detached houses and townhomes. Some notable low-rise projects developed by the Group include:

1. Glam

a luxurious 3.5-story townhome featuring high ceilings and spacious mezzanines with designs that aim to bring one closer to nature.

a 3.5-story townhome designed to embrace and connect with nature, featuring high ceilings that create a sense of openness while enhancing natural ventilation.

Products and Services of Other Businesses

Real Estate Development for Rent:

The Group develops properties for rent in a form of office space and commercial space. For instance, “Mingle”, a community mall located in front of Kave Town project, has been developed by the Company’s subsidiary to offer residents the utmost convenience and easy access to a shopping center in addition to providing retail space for rent.

Real Estate Brokerage:

This business segment involves the provision of brokerage services to support the sale and renting of residential units in all real estate projects of the Group. The services are offered through the Company’s website to facilitate customers who want to sell or rent out their properties—be it condominium unit, single-detached house, townhome, or home office—while serving as an all-in-one platform where the general public can view all real estate projects of the Group. Brokerage and management fees are collected for the provision of such services.