ASSETWISE PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (“ASW” or “Company”) operates its business as a Holding Company, holding shares in other companies. The Company Group comprises the Company and 24 sub-companies. The primary business of 20 sub-companies is in the real estate sector, developing real estate for sale. The real estate includes both condominiums and horizontal residential property, namely, single houses, townhomes, and home offices. Four sub-companies engage in other businesses related to residential real estate development businesses, such as real estate development for lease, real estate consignment and lease agency, and investment in digital assets and technology.

Characteristics of the Product or Service

Real estate Development for Sale

The Company’s real estate projects can be differentiated into 2 main groups, namely, condominiums and horizontal real estate. As of 31 December 2021, the Company Group has a total of 54 projects comprising of (1) 7 Projects which have been completely developed and have closed; (2) 23 Projects for which construction has been completed and is in the process of ownership transfer; (3) 5 projects under sales and construction; and (4) 3 Projects under sales and 16 projects pending development.

Residential Condominium Projects

The Company Group develops both high-rise and low-rise condominiums under the following project names.

1. Atmoz

a low rise 8-storey condominium project. It focuses on providing a resort-like and close-to-nature feel to offer relaxed living of the urban dweller. It has an extensive common area and 2 swimming pools. There are studios and 1-2 bedroom units. Unit size ranges from 20 – 54 square meters. The sales price ranges from 72,000 THB to 94,000 THB per square meter. The target group is those in the working group aged 23 – 35 years with a mid-level income of approximately 20,000 - 50,000 THB per month.

is a condominium project emphasizing a well-balanced design between modern and luxurious, making use of smart technology which adds convenience to living. There are 1 – 2 bedroom units, both one-storied and duplex units, with unit area ranging from 23 - 105 square meters. The Project comprises 2 phases. Phase 1 commenced sales from 2013-2017. It involves a low-rise condominium with 8 floors with a location focus on Ratchada-Ladprao road and nearby the green and pink skytrain lines. The projects include, the Modiz Ladprao 18, Modiz Station, Modiz Interchange and Modiz Ratchada 32 projects. The sales price ranges from 86,000 THB to 98,000 THB per square meter. The target group customers are those in the working age of around 25-45 years of age with a mid-level income of approximately 30,000 - 50,000 THB per month. Phase 2 commenced sales from 2018 and is ongoing. It involves high-rise condominium projects namely, Modiz Sukhumvit 50 and Modiz Collection Bang Pho. The sales price ranges from 110,000 THB to 133,000 THB per square meter. The target customers are those in the working age of around 25-45 years of age with a mid-level income of around 35,000 - 100,000 THB per month.

a low rise 8-storied condominium projects with locations nearby leading educational institutions and universities. They feature large common areas and a diverse range of functions to accommodate the lifestyle of the new generation, such as e-sports room, co-working space, and workshop rooms. The unit types include 1 - 2 Bedroom units ranging from 23 - 44 square meters with a sales price ranging from 63,000 THB to 72,000 THB per square meter. The target customer is the parents of university students and those from the working group of around 28-45 years of age with a mid-level income of around 30,000 - 50,000 THB per month and investors with an income of over 100,000 THB per month.

Low Rise condominiums with 8 floors, emphasizing eco-friendly lifestyle, increasing green space in the heart of the city. Room types include Studio and 1 – 2 bedroom units. The size ranges from 22 – 54 square meters. The sales price ranges from 68,000 to 72,000 THB per square meters. The target customers are those in the working group of around 25 - 45 years of age with a mid-level income of around 25,000 - 50,000 THB per month.

involves Low Rise condominium projects with 7 - 8 floors, with French architecture designs featuring mainly golden brown hues, giving off a luxurious and warm ambience. There are 1 - 2 bedroom units ranging from 22 - 49 square meters with a sales price ranging from 73,000 THB to 100,000 THB per square meter. Target customers are those in the working group of 25 - 45 years of age with a mid-level income of around 20,000 - 50,000 THB per month.

a low-rise, eight-story condominium showcasing the perfect combination of the contemporary English brickwork pattern and the prevailing color palette of gold and pearl white that creates a serene yet luxurious ambience.

B Campus, Esta, H2, Esta Bliss and Episode.                                               

Horizontal real estate projects

The Company Group has developed horizontal real estate projects comprising both single homes and townhomes under the following names.

1. The Honor

developed by Synergy Estate as 12 units of 3-storied single houses in a luxurious design, comprising a private pool and a fitness center in the Clubhouse of the Project. There are 2 types of houses, namely Zenith and Apex.

developed by Synergy Estate, a townhome project with 3.5 floors, a breadth of 5 – 7 meters, comprising 18 units, with a luxurious design. It is distinctive with a high ceiling of 5.2 meters, an open-space mezzanine, and a design bringing residents closer to nature. There are 2 types of townhomes, namely, Glam and Glamorous. The usable area is 298 – 385 square meters, with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 – 4 parking spaces. The target customers are working executives aged 35 – 45 years with a household income over 250,000 THB per month, or business owners aged 30 and above with 10 MB circulated income per year

developed by ABJV, a joint venture between the Company and Baan Puri Puri Holding Company Limited, which is an expert in architectural work. Baan Puri Puri is a 3.5 storied townhome project, designed to be in synergy with nature. The high ceilings provide airiness and comfort and can fully receive naturally occurring wind. Target customers are those in the working group or business owners aged around 30 - 45 years with an income of around 100,000 - 250,000 THB per month.

Products and Services of Other Businesses

Real estate development for lease

TREASURE M COMPANY LIMITED engages in the real estate development for lease business, such as leasing out sales office area, area within a Community Mall. The first Community Mall was built under the name “Mingle Mall” so that the customers in the project can have a place to shop nearby their residence and enjoys convenience in shopping. The food court zone has been opened since January 2021 and all other zones since February 2021. Mingle Mall comprises of 2 floors. The first floor is leased out to 55 stores and restaurants comprising a total leased area of 2,548 square meters. The second floor is allocated as a Co-working space and space for stores.

Later the community mall has been expanded to the “Mingle Market.” It is situated near Thammasat University Rangsit Campus to accommodate customers who are university students, personnel, and staff as well as nearby residents.

There is space for lease to 47 restaurants and stores with an area 1,240 square meters, a common area of 470 square meters. This was opened June 2021.

Real estate consignment and agency business

ASSET A PLUS COMPANY LIMITED provides service as a consignor for sale and agency for lease in respect of all Company Group real estate project. This is carried out through a website for convenience to Company customers who wish to sell or lease out their condominium single house, townhome, or home office unit. It is also convenient for third parties to search for all projects within one website. Asset A Plus charges a service fee and operation fee from such consignment and lease agency service.

Agency in accepting payments made by international customers

PRIVILEGE SOLUTIONS COMPANY LIMITED acts as agent to receive payments from international customers, especially Chinese customers for sales of the Company Group’s real estate project.

Research and Investment in Digital Assets and Technology

DIGI TONIZE COMPANY LIMITED engages in the business to research and invest in digital assets and technology, focusing mainly on Blockchain to increase business opportunities and adapt to new generation financial innovations.