The Company and its subsidiaries (“Company”) communicate policies and practices related to social and environmental responsibility to employees, for them to understand and use as a guideline, and also to support various activities for social benefits and environmental services.

The Company conducts social and environmental activities in parallel with business operations in various fields as follows:

1) Promotion of employees’ good quality of life

The Company understands the importance of human resources, thus several types of welfare are provided to the Company’s employees and their families, such as the privilege of purchases in the Company’s housing projects. There is a gym, health education, and a library provided at the workplace, as well as scholarships given to employees’ children. Male employees are also eligible to paid paternity leave and there is also a daycare room at the office in the event that employees need to bring their children to work. All these are to promote our employees’ good quality of life and their happiness at work.

3) Environmental conservation and efficient use of resources

The Company places great importance on environmental conservation and efficient use of resources. Therefore, it has stipulated guidelines which cover its operations from within the office to projects under construction, as well as the finished project delivered to the customers.

Workplace environmental conservation

The Company understands the importance of environmental conservation, which could start at the Company’s own office. Therefore, it has been designed to include a natural green space to provide a good working environment and allow employees to be close to nature. In addition, the Company also campaigns for employees to save water, electricity, and reduce paper usage to promote efficient use of resources and to save costs. The Company is also moving to more use of the information technology system in operations to reduce the use of consumable resources such as paper in the office.

Construction project environmental conservation

The Company operates in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA) by stipulating an environmental management plan for construction work, including guidelines for controlling, correcting, and preventing environmental stewardship under the EIA regulations. The Company also arranges a community impact prevention plan in accordance with the EIA regulations for the community with close proximity to each project.

Finished project environmental conservation

The Company uses high-quality materials and equipment that are both environmentally and resident-friendly for all of its projects. Included in the projects which are designed to meet the needs of residents in the long-term, these materials and equipment are expected to have a long service life and to be cost-effective resources. In addition, the Company has campaigned for various projects to have waste sorting and waste management in order for residents to participate in environmental conservation in the long-term.

Sustainable Development Policy


Social and Environmental Activities

AssetWise Club – A project to share kindness to society

On January 19, 2019, the Company collected donated items and used calendars to make Braille books for visually impaired people and provided breakfast for visually impaired students at The Foundation for the Blind in Thailand under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the Queen.

The Company invited customers, employees, and partners to join in the virtual Fun Run Event for which runners could accumulate a running distance from February 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019. The runners could run anywhere, anytime, and the Company would donate 1 Baht for every 1 kilometer of running distance. The total running distance was 264,113 kilometers from 1,202 participants, translated to a donation of 264,113 Baht which was donated to Ban Kluai School Ta Phuen Khi on May 3 - 4, 2019 to improve the school building, cafeteria, and the construction of a waste incinerator to prevent forest fires.

The Company supports the activities of the Saturday School Foundation in teaching special courses to children in communities across Bangkok. The Company's volunteer team also participated in their activities and promoted them across the Company’s projects.

The Company invited employees to participate in a charity auction event within the Company. The income earned from the auctions, along with donations of money and items, were donated to Wat Ton Chumsaeng School, Taphan Hin District, Phi Chit Province for renovations of bathrooms and the infirmary, as well as installation of an outdoor sink, a solar power generator, a water filter, and a drinking water stall.

In the first quarter of 2020, the Company organized a blood donation event for our employees to donate blood with Siriraj Hospital when donation was insufficient during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Company organized an event for employees to work together in making 2,000 pieces of face shield for medical staff at Bhumibol Hospital, Bang Khen Public Health Office, Sai Mai Hospital, Khao Kho Hospital, and Thammasat Chaloem Phra Kiat Hospital.