Assetwise Public Company Limited (“ASW” or “Company”) Operates Its Business As A Holding Company, Holding Shares In Other Companies.

The Company Group comprises the Company and 31 sub-companies. The primary business of 25 sub-companies is in the real estate sector, developing real estate for sale. The real estate includes both condominiums and horizontal residential property, namely, single houses, townhomes, and home offices. Six sub-companies engage in other businesses related to residential real estate development businesses, such as real estate development for lease, real estate consignment and lease agency, investment in digital assets and technology and lifestyle business.

Characteristics of The Product or Service

Real Estate Development for Sale

The Company’s real estate projects can be differentiated into 2 main groups, namely, condominiums and horizontal real estate. As of 31 December 2021, the Company Group has a total of 54 projects comprising of (1) 7 Projects which have been completely developed and have closed; (2) 23 Projects for which construction has been completed and is in the process of ownership transfer; (3) 5 projects under sales and construction; and (4) 3 Projects under sales and 16 projects pending development.

Residential Condominium Project

The Company Group develops both high-rise and low-rise condominiums under the following project names.

Horizontal Real Estate Projects

The Company Group has developed horizontal real estate projects comprising both single homes and townhomes under the following names.

Products and Services of Other Businesses