Sustainable Management in The Societal Aspect

The Company operates its business with due regard to social values. The Company is committed to develop its business for sustainable growth, by offering quality products, being honest in its profession, and being responsible for the development of society at large through the following societal policy and guidelines.

The Company considers employees to be the most valuable resources and is a key factor to the success of the Company. As such, the Company is committed to develop and foster a good corporate culture and working environment in addition to promoting teamwork, love, and unity within the Company. The Company has taken steps to ensure that the employee can grow with the Company in sustainable manner.


The Company follows guidelines in employee recruitment and hiring by considering the qualifications suitable to the job position without discrimination on the basis of diversity of the individual such as gender, nationality, religious, or political beliefs. The recruitment and selection process are fair and equal. Consideration is given to knowledge, capabilities, work experience, and attitude suitable to each job position.

The Company Hired
179 Persons
274 Persons

In 2022, the Company hired 453 employees, whereby 179 are male and 274 are female. It also hired 3 persons with disabilities, accounting for 0.66 percent. The diversity can be summarized as follows.

By Gender
By Level
By Age

Employee Development

The Company attaches important to continuously developing the skills, capabilities, and potential of employees in all levels in a manner which is appropriate to their positions to meet the business needs and to prepare for business growth. The Company is therefore committed to development personal in all professions and all levels, combing the development of skill, knowledge, and capability, as well as cultivate organizational culture and ethics simultaneously, so as to be in line with the Company Group’s business strategy and operational approach.

In 2022, the Company aimed to develop its human resources and organized, both internal and external, more than 60 training curricula with a target to encourage, educate, develop experience, skills, expertise in respective areas of work (up-skilling and re-skilling). The intention is to create awareness, a new attitude needed for the modern workforce for any level of employment as supportive and in alignment with the strategy of the business, increase career development and employee engagement which results in the unity to succeed as an organization. The methods include:

Remuneration and Welfare Benefits

The Company attaches importance to payment of remuneration in the form of a salary. The salary structure is suitable for the labour market within the same business. The Company determines salary based on potential, responsibilities, and qualifications of each employee for each job position. The Company provides for an annual assessment for salary adjustment and bonuses in accordance with the annual performance assessment of the employee and the performance of the Company. There is a clear assessment system and performance index with respect to all employees so as to be fair.

Moreover, the Company has determined a suitable and fair welfare benefit for all employees in all levels, to take care of both short term and long-term employees as follows.

Accident Insurance and Health Insurance
For all employees in all levels. Employees will be entitled to benefits in accordance with the insurance policy the Company has determined for each job position.
Provident fund
Employees may opt to join the Company’s provident fund after the probation period on a voluntary basis. The Company’s contributions will be in accordance with the employee’s years of service.
Annual health check-up
To promote health and wellbeing of the employees. Employees with at least 1 year of service is eligible for the annual Company-organized health checkup.
Employee uniform
The Company determines a uniform for employees every year on the basis of suitability for each type of work.
Monetary assistance
The Company provides monetary assistance to employees in various cases, namely,
  • For marriage,
  • To show condolences I case a family member of the employee passes away
Employee gift baskets
Employees that are in-patients at the hospital or those who have given birth will receive gift baskets.
Employee birthdays
The Company allows an additional day off for employees on their birthdays. The employee is able to exercise such right within their birth month.
Paternity leave
Make employees whose wives have given birth are entitled to 15 days of paternity leave. The leave must be within 90 days of the day of giving birth. The leave may be in a consecutive or non-consecutive manner.
Leave for marriage
Employees with at least 1 year of service may apply for leave for marriage purposes for not exceeding 5 days with pay.
Leve for funeral
Employees may apply for leave to attend the funeral of their legal parent, spouse, and child for 5 days each without pay.
Employee child tuition assistance
A child of an employee who qualifies as per the Company’s requirements is entitled to scholarship from the Company twice a year, for 5,000 THB each per child. The maximum number of children eligible is 2 children per 1 employee.
Annual party
The Company holds an annual party to foster relations and to allow employees to relax from work.
Fitness center
The Company provides a fitness center for employees to exercise before and after work.

Moreover, the Company has established a welfare committee by employee vote. The welfare committee represents employees in voicing opinions on welfare and wellbeing policies of the Company.

Safety, Occupational Health and The Work Environment

The Company determines a policy on occupational safety, health, and environment, and monitors strict compliance with such policy both in the headquarters and in project offices in coherence with laws relevant to safety. The Company holds activities and communicates through the Company’s various channels, as well as trains employees to create awareness to all employees on the matter.

For what concerns the headquarters, the Company regulates workplace safety, determines a repair plan of the building, office equipment, electricity and lighting system, and fire pump system on an annual basis. The working environment is tidy and clean for good quality of work. Various sports activities are held to promote the health and wellbeing of employees, and employees are trained in safety, fire drills, and fire evacuations.

For what concerns the construction projects, the Company requires safety reports, inspection, training, recommendations, and addressing problems which might cause harm to the Company and contractors, to control the various aspects of safety while construction is ongoing. It also requires cleanliness and sanitary conditions in the projects and in nearby communities. Those performing work must exercise great care in all work processes. Safety gear must be worn, due care and expertise must be exercised in works which pose a risk of danger, to prevent harm to the worker and nearby communities. All construction projects are required to put in place a sign showing the safety statistics in front of the project to provide timely and continuous safety reports. This will foster trust of the safety of the construction works both to the worker and the nearby community.

Safety-related statistics of 2022
Safety Information Unit No. of Employees No. of Contractors Third Party
Occurrence of accident Time none 4 none
Work-related injury Person none 5 none
Leave from work-related injury Day none none none
Persons on leave from work-related injury Person none 1 none
Work-related deaths Person none 2 none
Occupational safety, health, and work environment measures during the Covid-19 pandemic
Measures at headquarters

In the situation of COVID-19 pandemic, although the situation has subsided last year, the Company is still aware of the employees’ work safety. Therefore, measures to control the spread of the disease have been more stringent. Employees at risk of the disease can work from home to reduce the risk of spreading while at the office and commuting. Meetings are held online using a variety of programs to limit physical gathering. Simultaneously, the Company provides regular cleaning, disinfection of office buildings, temperature screening before employees enter the office, handwashing stations, hand sanitizer to be distributed throughout the office, COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit (ATK) for employees at risk, booster vaccination for all employees including Company’s security guards and janitors. In 2023, 100% of all company employees received a booster vaccination.

In case an employee is infected with COVID-19, the Company takes care of its employee according to the Ministry’ of Public Health’s recommendations, provides a basic medication box, and checks up with the employee regularly.

Measures at construction projects

For construction projects, the Company has provided continuous support to the labour personnel of the contractors throughout the pandemic. There are temperature checkpoints before entry into the projects, handwashing stations and alcohol hand sanitizers dispersed in various locations in the project area, regular disinfection of the project area, and inspection of the control measures. The Company has secured vaccines for labour personnel of the contractors of the Company, security guards, and general workers of each respective project. It also strictly observes the measures applicable to construction workers announced by the government. The Company has provided food to promote health and safety of labour personnel of the contractor while in quarantine or when labour camps have been ordered to close.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The Company has prepared a business continuity plan as a guideline for situations of crisis or emergencies whether caused by natural disasters, accidents, or malicious actions against the Company Group without allowing such crisis or emergency situations to result in the Company Group having to stop its operations or to not be able to provide continuous services.

The business continuity plan of the Company is used to address situations of crisis or accidents in the Company’s office area or within the Company group as can be summarized below.

Event of Crisis Buildings/Main Work Location Important Materials and Equipment Information Technology and Important Information Main Personnel Business Partners/ Service Providers/Interested Persons
Employee engagement

The Company strives to enhance employee engagement to maintain retention rate and grow them with the Company. In 2022, the Company organized an engagement survey as a channel to receive employees' opinions and requirements for the Company. The 2022 employee engagement survey’s overall result 78.30%, which is considered high.

Voluntary resignation rate of employees (Turnover rate) in 2022 as follows:

Proportion of employee Amount (persons) Percent
Number of employees resigned 91 21.93
By level
High level management 0 0.00
Mid-level management 6 6.59
Manager and up 33 36.26
Operational 30 36.26
Contract-based 22 24.18
By work period
5 years and above 2 2.20
3 - 5 years 10 10.99
1 - 3 years 16 17.58

The Company Group aims to create and develop real estate projects to deliver products and services that are diverse and suitable for customers to the greatest extent possible. The Company believes that customers are key in our creation and development of good residences which are able to fulfill all the needs of the residents, under the slogan "YOUR BEST CHOICE - Delivering the best residents to customers in various aspects as follows.

Prime Location:
Attention in choosing a potential location, close to major transportation sources and surrounded by important facilities and fundamental utilities.
Full Facilities:
Allocation of common areas in a diverse manner, with a full range of amenities to meet the needs of the residents’ lifestyles.
Brand Identity:
Unique project design, design of functions and usable space to support a variety of lifestyles with state-of-the-art living technology emphasizing on comfort and safety in living.
Customer Engagement:
Providing advice and coordination in all aspects to customers with after sales services which continuously takes care of customers.

Product and service development

The Company strives to continuously develop high-rise residential buildings and low-rise prime location projects to cater the needs of modern society. We aim to deliver quality and happiness to customers under the “We Build Happiness” concept.

Design and create common spaces to cater to different lifestyles and generations

The Company gives importance to designing and creating common areas to truly fulfill the desires of residents and create happiness with 5 key concepts, a variety of styles to keep spaces afresh, spacious library for learning from home, meeting room for online meeting needs, and living lounge for working from home.

Business innovation

“Wisecology” is a concept of a good living quality that creates environmental sustainability, a healthy city, a pleasant and safe environment. By using technology, lifestyles, and the environment to elevate the quality of life based on 3 core concepts as follows:

Smart living “creating a convenient and safe society”

with easy transportation, amenities for future lifestyles, and technology to aid safety:

  • Convenience lifestyle: amenities to add convenience to any lifestyles, surrounded by important landmarks
  • Definition of relaxing: designing residence and department store on the same premise surrounded by shops, restaurants, amenities, and green environment – a perfect one-stop living sphere
  • Transportation center: connecting future transportation links for convenience
Environmentally friendly “Think for the World”

in addition to expanding green spaces within the project so that residents can live sustainably, the Company also uses the Growgreen concept to build community within the residential project that promotes the quality of living residentially, environmentally, and socially using the following 5 core concepts:

  • Energy Efficiency: Design for efficient building’s energy consumption
  • Waste Management: Make waste management more efficient
  • Green Space: Eco-friendly green space design and construction
  • Clean Air: AssetWise cares about clean air, so we choose construction materials that reduce the amount of pollution in the air
  • Water Saving: Efficient use of water
Sustainable Life “Think for All Generations Today and Tomorrow”

design spaces for all generations with “All Gens Series'' under “Multi-dimension for Multi-lifestyle” concept with functions such as Extensive Space, Adaptive Design, and Flexible Lifestyle. Additional functions are included for a healthy lifestyle such as Ensured Safety and Health, AssetWise Health Station for everyday health checkup, Application for Health by company’s medical partners, Telemedicine to connect with doctors 24/7, and DoCare by SCG – a technology that keeps residents safe and healthy to match modern lifestyles.

Strengthen Sustainability

AssetWise Club - community for the Company’s customers

The Company's expanded network of customer relationships, “AssetWIse Club”, is used to share activities, information, benefits, and customer privileges. In 2022, the following activities and benefits were awarded to customers:

Discount benefits for partner services such as interior decoration for houses and condominiums, moving service, hotel stay, restaurants, etc.
Festival occasions such as Loi Krathong, Songkran, New Year, and etc.
AssetWise Club Night Market to invite residents to open their own shops, listen to live music, and win prizes from activities
AsseWise Club, in partnership with Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic, offers mobile dental services at the convenience of members’ resident buildings
Doctor A to Z application is an online health platform that offers 24 hours service for residents to consult doctors online
AssetWise Club Cares for you, Antigen Test Kit (ATK) testing service for AssetWise Club residents for safety and living assurance
“Happy Movie Day” activity for residents and prize winners to go watch movies at the cinemas
“Happy Good Day Trip “River Mom and Me” activity for residents to take their mothers on a cruise dinner on the Chao Phraya River on Thai National Mother’s Day
“Signature Mocktails Only You” activity where AssetWise Club residents mix drinks together the AssetWise Club way with professional bartenders
“MONSTR Concert Festival” concert for residents to participate and have fun exclusively
Channel for customers to provide opinions, report complaints, or make suggestions

The Company provides the opportunity for customers to express their opinions, report a complaint, or make recommendations to the Company whereby the Company will analyze the comments or recommendations to develop and improve products and services to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

In 2022, the Company received 655 complaints from customers through the available channels, with details of important matters as follows.

  • Employee-related complaints: 317 cases, comprising 315 cases of AssetWise Public Company Limited employees and 2 cases concerning employees from the Company Group.
  • Project related complaints: 338 cases, comprising 289 cases of complaints about the project, both in respect of the unit and the surrounding area of the project, such as repair notifications, delayed repairs, parking problems and problems related to the community surrounding the project, and 38 cases of complaints about advertisement billboards.
  • Mingle Mall / Mingle Market complaints: 11 cases, comprising 2 cases from noise levels from construction and music, and 9 complaint about a store within Mingle Mall/Market.

After receiving complaints from customers, the Company has established the following procedures to address the complaints.

  • The unit which received the complaint coordinated with relevant parties to contact customers within 1 hours.
  • Follow up on the conclusion of complaint resolution from related parties after receiving complaints for the purpose of recording and following-up on the results of complaint resolution in accordance with the respective remedial plan.
  • After resolution of the complaint, the unit that notified the evidence of correction to the unit which received the initial complaint to close the complaint in accordance with the period confirmed with the complainant.
  • Incorporate the complaints into a Q&A to communicate in the event such incident arises again in the future.
Customer Satisfaction Survey

In 2022, the Company conducted a customer satisfaction survey for customers that visit the residential projects and customers that live in the residential projects. The results for each aspect are as follows:

Average Overall Satisfaction Score
First Time
Second Time
Net Promoter Score
The Company Group conducts business under principles of responsibility to society and communities. It supports projects or activities that benefits the community and society along with the following business operations.
Taking care of communities surrounding the Company’s projects

Prior to the development of every project, the Company Group has taken account in the impact to the nearby communities by following the guidelines in the EIA report, from analyzing the impact caused by construction to the nearby community by conducting a survey to gather opinions and needs of the community, planning to prevent the potential impact that may occur from the community, setting guidelines in remedying the damage caused to the community, in addition to improving and promoting the nearby community’s quality of life.

In 2022, the Company Group did not receive complaints from the community regarding societal and environmental impacts caused by project construction.

Being involved in community and societal development

In 2022, the Company Group organized the following projects or activities to assist and develop the community and society.