Mr. Sarawut Charuchinda
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dear Shareholders and Stakeholders

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the company, I am pleased to inform you that 2021 is an essential year for AssetWise. The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic worldwide affects all sectors, including changes in the safety of life to the lifestyle of daily living, public health, economic conditions, and business operations in the private sector. However, AssetWise has been able to get through it well with the cooperation of the Board of Directors, executives, and all employees.

Upon the company has been operating business for over sixteen (16) years, there was a delightfully crucial development in 2021 where the company is proud of, that is, to have AssetWise or “ASW” successfully registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on the 28th of April 2021 and receive a great response from investors.

This year, the Thai economy has slowed down and consumer confidence has not yet been recovered from the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic situation, which results in a gross domestic product having been expected to expand merely at a rate of 0.7-1.2 percent. Nevertheless, the company’s performance continues to be strong. This is a result of the company’s good strategic planning, commitment to building housing in a variety of styles to meet the needs and lifestyles that change according to the situation and maintaining a strict financial position. The company develops continuously with the experience and expertise of the management team and all staff members.

On this occasion, I would like to thank the management team of AssetWise that had managed the company’s business in 2021 to have very satisfactory performance and thank all employees for their dedication and hard work, which are an important force in participating in business expansion, including all stakeholders which I believe they will be a solid foundation for the sustainable growth of AssetWise in the future.

For this achievement occurred, the company would like to declare the resolution that we will operate with good governance principles by operating with integrity and transparency, taking into account the interests of all groups of stakeholders as well as participating in the development of the Thai economy and society to progress towards sustainable success.