Mr. Sarawut Charuchinda
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dear Shareholders and Stakeholders

Looking back to the year 2023 that just passed, we found that it was a year filled with challenges and opportunities for us at AssetWise amidst the slowdown in the global economy. Inflation pressure pushed large economies with sluggish growth to continuously increase the interest rates to maintain the inflation rates while unrest situations from wars have also driven product costs and energy costs up. Nevertheless, Thai economy managed to stay on its expansion path thanks to the COVID-19 crisis that has eased significantly, leading to the recovery in tourism sector in Thailand in all regions as well as the domestic consumption that bounced back to the same level or even higher than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, as the government issued a number of economic stimuli to boost domestic demand, the business sector also started to regain its strength.

Over the course of 18 years that we thrive in the real estate business, AssetWise is committed to creating housing and residences in a variety of formats to address changing needs and lifestyles of all groups of customers. We are positioned to grasp new business opportunities that will contribute to our solid growth as evidenced by our performance in the past year. During the middle of 2023, the Company saw an opportunity from the positive outlook of tourism sector especially in Phuket which is considered a global destination for residential properties. Therefore, we decided to expand our business to Phuket by acquiring ordinary shares in Rhom Bho Property Public Company Limited or TITLE, a company listed on mai with experience and expertise as a real estate company in Phuket for more than 10 years. TITLE has the market knowledge of Phuket, a credible and extensive network and selective pieces of lands in prime locations ready for development. Through the synergies from the expertise and strengths of both companies, we strongly believe that we will together propel growth in the real estate market of Phuket and build on it to other related businesses while TITLE will also add to another channel to recognize higher revenue for AssetWise.

Business success aside, we continue to conduct our business by adhering to good corporate governance principles with honesty and transparency and in the best interests of all groups of stakeholders as well as being a part to develop Thai economy and society to attain sustainable success in the future. For the past year, the Company was selected to be included in SET EGS Ratings at the A level for another year and received an “Excellent” rating or 5 stars based on the Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies for 2023, by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD). Furthermore, AssetWise was ranked in the top quartile among all listed companies, listed companies in property and construction industry and listed companies with market capitalization between 3,000-3,999 million baht.

Lastly, the Board of Directors continues to serve and perform our duties to the best of our ability to oversee strategies, business directions and operating performance of the Company and its subsidiaries to be undertaken successfully according to the Company’s vision “The Company Group is committed to be the leading real estate company of Thailand”. We believe that we will continue to gain trust and support from shareholders and all stakeholders including our employees as before. I would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to all stakeholders once again.